ADMIRAL Teckel 40 Truss Transporter 2 Meter mit 4x Rollen

ADMIRAL Teckel 40 Truss Transporter 2 Meter mit 4x Rollen
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The Admiral Teckel 30 or 40 is a smart system for making a transporter for truss. With our Teckel you can decide how long the transporter will be and how many wheels you want to mount. The result is a very inexpensive transporter that's exactly the length you want.

Ideal Transportation Size

When you mount two or more Teckels to a longitudinal tube, you have a transporter with a width of 59 cm. Four of these can be placed next to each other in a truck. When a truss is stacked on the transporter, there will be nothing protruding.

The Trick of the Teckel

An Admiral Teckel is a bracket with castors that can be mounted to a standard longitudinal tube. By connecting two Teckels to a tube you make your own truss transporter. Extra Teckels can be placed, whereby you can ride even easier over a ramp. The rubber strip applied to the Teckel avoids movement of the truss.

There are two Teckels available: one is suitable for transporting 2 rows of 30-truss and the other for 40-truss


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